smallWebs(email setup)

If you purchased web hosting from us, these are the instructions for setting up your email so that you may receive your email through Outlook.

First, go into Outlook. Select Tools, then Email Accounts. The window below will pop up.
Press the Next button to continue.
Press the "Add" button.
Select POP3 and press the "Next" button.
In the User Information section, enter the name you created an email with and the email address showing your domain name as shown.

In the Server Information, enter your domain name for both POP3 and SMTP.

For the Logon Information, enter the email address as your User Name and the password you created the email account with. Make sure the Remember Password box is checked or you will be prompted every time you access your email.

Press Next.

You will redisplay the first window. Add any other accounts you created and when done, press Finish.

If you have any trouble or need assistance, please contact us.